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Education on LED Message Centers

I worked with a sign company in NH for several years as their Chief Technology Officer and was the "go-to" guy for integrating new technology in signs. I've developed LED color changing control systems for channel letters and interior illuminated signage and many interesting facets of signage overall. There are few places I've found less direct, easy-to-understand information on than EMCs (Electronic Message Centers - aka EDS, LED boards, 'jumbotrons,' etc.).

I joined Vantage LED in March and have been working with the manufacturer to help educate the sign industry on what makes a good EMC vs a bad one. How can you tell a great manufacturer from a mediocre vendor/reseller? I started a blog to help bring information to the industry in simple-to-understand terms so everybody can take advantage of one of the fastest growing sectors in the industry.

I'd appreciate any/all feedback and if you have burning questions which you'd like to see addressed, please let me know.

I'll be coming out with seminars/webinars and trainings this year and next. Its our feeling (at Vantage LED) the educated buyer is the best partner. I'm tired of seeing sign companies tricked into buying a cheap system which ruins their reputation. Please feel free to contact me so I can focus on issues which you feel need to be addressed.

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