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Manual for Dynasty Classics Moving LED sign

I work as a volunteer for a garden at a local historic adobe. Someone gave us a moving message sign manufactured by Dynasty
Classics(bankrupt)with a plastic LED surface measuring about 28"x2 3/8". No model number is designated but the serial number for the unit is 88960.The unit comes with a rather complicated keyboard attaching by a cable. The difficulty lies in the lack of a manual and my inability to make the sign operate by guesswork manipulation of the keypad.

If anyone has a manual for this sign, I would be happy to make reasonable reimbursement for the copying and mailing of same. Though no guarantee exists that the keypad will function in programming the sign, that there is a residual message running on the unit gives me hope. Allow me to thank all in advance for any aid
or advice. Please remove OUT from my email to make it correct for
replies, otherwise commentary in the forum will be fine.