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2008 Vehicle Graphics Contest — Transit Vehicles

Subways, monorails and buses also deserve attractive graphics.



First Place

Sprint ordered this monorail wrap as part of its “Sprint Ahead” ad campaign. Crush Creative began its process by wrapping the edges of all passenger doors, compartment skirts and fans. Except for the seats and windows, Crush Creative also wrapped the entire interior. According to Crush Creative’s Steve Rosenberger, stretching the material to fit correctly over the train’s nose loomed as the project’s greatest challenge.

After having finetuned the graphics with Photoshop software and prepped the surface with 3M Primer 94, fabricators produced the wrap with 3M’s Controltac™ IJ180-10C film with Comply air-egress adhesive on its EFI VUTEk UltraVu II 3360 solvent-ink printer. Crush Creative used three overlaminate types – 3M’s 8518 gloss, 8519 luster and 3645 floor-graphics topcoats. To install the media on the monorail’s very complex curves, installers used 3M’s 3950 edge sealer. The monorail required 8,000 sq. ft. of vinyl, yet the installed required only four seams (one of which is visible) along the 150-ft.-long train.

Second Place (tie)


Matthews Graphics crossed the country to decorate this bookmobile for the Pima County library system. After having developed the design using Adobe’s Creative Suite 3, Matthews Graphics output the full wrap on its Mimaki JV5-160 solvent-ink printer with 3M’s Controltac with Comply air-egress film, which is protected by 3M’s 8518 gloss-finish overlaminate. Matthews installed the wrap using 3M’s 5151 low-friction, high-temperature tape and Lidco squeegees.

Second Place (tie)

This full wrap identifies the Fairfax County Fire Dept.’s training and recruitment vehicle. The body wrap features 3M’s Controltac with Comply film, whereas the window graphics comprise Clear Focus Imaging’s perforated-window film. All graphics were printed on the shop’s Mimaki JV5-160 solvent-ink printer. 3M’s glossy-finish overlaminate protects all graphics.

Third Place


This ambitious project involved creating distinctive, long-term graphics for New Zealand’s transit system that help create community “brands,” according to Admark’s Karen Lovegrove. Cato Partners developed the graphics with Adobe’s Photoshop and InDesign software. Admark created the green background, contrasting graphics and white text on its Graphtec FC5100-150 Cutting Pro plotter using 3M’s Controltac material. Fabricators created the Link logo graphic on Admark’s ColorPainter 64S digital printer.

Honorable Mention

Promotional Vehicle Graphics



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