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2020 Signshop Competition: Best Original Design and Fabrication, Illuminated, Small Shop of 2020

RiNo Sign Works (Lakwood, CO) & Amigo Arts (Monroe, WA) share first place.




Bonfils-Stanton-sign RiNo Sign Works’ projecting sign for Bonfils Stanton Foundation.

First Place  Tie

Fabricator: RiNo Sign Works (Lakewood, CO) ; N’namdi Ray
Designer: Maddie Bonthron
Client: Bonfils Stanton Foundation

Mounted on the corner of the building, this projecting sign is a minimalist way to gain maximum visibility from the three visible cross streets. This sign consists of push-through letters on an aluminum cabinet, mounted on perpendicular planes to give the historic building a modern, prismatic focal point.


Amigo Arts’ illuminated sign for Flatstick Pub boasted real AstroTurf and golf balls to look like beer-filled letters.

First Place  Tie

Fabricators and Designers: Amigo Arts (Monroe, WA) ; Pablo and Melina Guerrero
Client: Flatstick Pub Spokane

The sign’s face features acrylic-faced letters with no trim cap and real AstroTurf on both sides. The back side of the sign has facelit channel letters with golf balls to look like beer-filled letters.


This illuminated sign for Staffords Hospitality was design and fabricated by Pro Image Design.


Third Place

Fabricators: Pro Image Design (Traverse City, MI) ; Cody Strong, Jeff Friske, Joe Schroeder, Troy Raymond, Tim Pierce
Designers: Bob Scudder, Aaron Place
Client: Staffords Hospitality

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