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38% of Signshops Celebrate Halloween – Here’s How They Ring in the Scary Season

DO YOU OR DON’T YOU? One company holds a pumpkin smash contest with “prizes awarded for the biggest splat.”





Does your sign company do anything special to celebrate Halloween?

Yes: 38%

  • We make something cool usually just because we can! — Nonnie Luther, Cadillac Sign Co., Norwood, NC
  • We encourage our employees to dress-up and enjoy the holiday. We will usually have some type of “party” around lunchtime and then try to make sure that all employees are able to leave around 3 p.m. so that they have time to get home and do what they need to do to celebrate.— Laura Alsorf, Triumph Signs & Consulting, Milford, OH
  • $2 Jack-o-lantern templates in cut vinyl. Because of COVID, I could not put the selection out last year. Hope to this year.— Lisa Hyman, Creative Printing and Internet Services, Boone, NC

  • In the past we have held a post-Halloween pumpkin smash contest barbeque. Prizes awarded for the biggest splat. To qualify, you must be willing to launch your pumpkin yourself, from the fullest boom extension of our largest truck. — Bob Persichetti, Effective Sign Works, Burlington, NJ
  • We’ve done costume contests in the past; not sure how this year will look. — Jamie Potvin, Metro Sign & Awning, Tewksbury, MA

No: 62%

  • All of us at G&L’s Sign Factory love Halloween. We just do not do a lot at the shop, except put out a basket of candy at our counter for customers. — Gary Gower, Jr., G&L’s Sign Factory, Bethlehem, PA
  • Not enough hours in the day to do much special for any holiday. — Rocco Gaskins, Abco Signs, Pennsauken, NJ
  • Employees aren’t interested. — Michael Johnson, Henry Graphics Inc., Buford, GA


Which is your favorite 1930’s Hollywood movie monster?

Bride of Frankenstein
King Kong
Other (Wolfman, Hunchback of Notre Dame)


What kinds of movies scare you the most?

Slasher and gore horror.
Psychological horror.
Monster/vampire/zombie horror.
Paranormal/altered body horror.
Other (All of the above, religious, end of days).

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