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5 Points to Remember When Selling Neon Signs

You already know the benefits of neon, but your customer may not.




When you think of neon signs, what comes to mind?

Probably a number of things, because, well, you’re an expert on signs. But most of the people who walk through your shop’s front door aren’t, which means it’s up to you to sell them on all of the benefits that neon confers.

With the lay folk in mind, Illinois News Today published a rundown of five reasons why neon signs are among the best signage and lighting options for business owners. You already know the technical aspects of neon, but your customers are probably thinking in simpler terms, so don’t forget to make them aware of the obvious benefits.

1. Longevity: Neon signs have a long life span that saves customers from frequent replacements.

2. Versatility: A great many types of businesses can benefit from a neon sign. Make sure your clients know that you can fashion a truly unique design for them.

3. Eco-friendliness: Neon – the gas inside the tubes – isn’t harmful to the environment, which is important for many of your customers.


4. Visibility: Neon signs stand out at night and even in congested places.

5. Investment: The money spent on a neon sign will pay off for its business for years to come.

Read more at Illinois News Today.

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