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54% of Signshops Don’t Have a Dress Code

Do you don't you: But many still have rules about wearing anything “inappropriate.”





Does your business have a dress code?

Yes: 46%

  • We supply red shirts and coats with our logo on them. — Randy Holland, Snyder Signs, Johnson City, TN
  • Branded shirts/jackets when visiting customers or installing signage. — Cathy Hoffman-Young, Blue Orbit Sign Studio, Huntsville, AL
  • Black or khaki pants with company shirt. Jeans on Friday. — Becky Duke, Ap Corp, Sykesville, MD

  • Simple answer is “business casual” but since the pandemic, we have become much more relaxed in order to help retain employees. — Harold Pedley, Sign Engineering, Guaynabo, PR

No: 54%

  • We are not a retail business, but have never had a problem with employees wearing inappropriate attire for working with others. Those who go out to projects have to follow the rules for construction sites. If someone showed up with something inappropriate … we would deal with that individually. — Sharon Toji, H Toji and Co., Lakewood, CA
  • Our customers are very casual dressers. — Vince Cvijanovic, Graphic Components, Greensboro, NC

  • Everyone in the office dresses in business casual. Our installers all decided on their own uniform: navy blue work pants and striped button-up shirts. If anyone tried to wear anything inappropriate, we might make a dress code, but for now we have no need for one. — Melvin La Pan, Fastsigns of Augusta, Augusta, GA
  • [No, but] … we should, with office, shop, sales and service people. How do you establish a dress code that works for everyone? We do have shirts and sweatshirts for everyone. — Doug Bray, Alpine Sign, Dallastown, PA

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