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57% of Sign Pros Say “Thanks, But No Thanks” to Scary Movies and TV Shows

DO YOU OR DON’T YOU? Others aren’t so lucky: “My wife forced me to watch horror movies until I liked them.”





Do you like “scary” movies or television shows?

Yes: 43%

  • I find it fun to experience the feeling of fear and potential threat in a safe place with no actual threat. And the inevitable “what would you do?” conversation that always follows a scary movie. — Russell Toynes, Studio Dzo, Austin, TX
  • A well done scary movie is a bit of an adrenaline rush … a good jolt of “I didn’t see that coming!” is a thrill. — Carl Heinlein, Cincinnati Custom Signs, Cincinnati

  • I have always been huge into fright. I watch tons of horror and paranormal films. I do paranormal investigations as a hobby, as well. — Mieke Myrick, Front Range Signarama, Westminster, CO
  • My wife forced me to watch horror movies until I liked them. — Rick Ream, Media 1, Sanford, FL

No: 57%

  • Why should I have heart palpitations over fictional events? Why should I entertain myself with gruesome situations and gore? — Larry Mitchell, SignChef, El Dorado Hills, CA
  • The scariest movie I will watch is Ghostbusters. — Bobby Lynett, PA Signs, Scranton, PA
  • I get nightmares. — Tish Scialampo, Absolute Sign Inc., Los Alamitos, CA

  • I’m a big baby. — Geoff Orlick, Quality Designs Ltd., Campbell River, BC, Canada
  • Used to … but no longer find them entertaining. — Corey Perez, Ad Art, Flower Mound, TX
  • I know people that clutter their brains with these Hollywood images. They are the same people who are afraid to take their trash to the curb after dark. — Jerry Clark, Sign Design of Westline, Westline, PA


Halloween is becoming more popular every year, especially among adults. Where does Halloween rank among your favorite holidays?

Most favorite
2nd most favorite
3rd most favorite
4th most favorite
Other (not a favorite, don’t rank favorites, for children)


What, if anything, do you do to celebrate Halloween? (Check all that apply.)

Participate in trick-or-treating
Decorate shop and/or home
Wear a costume
Attend Halloween-specific party
Other (sell decals, carving contest, charity competition)

One Quick Question:

What is your most “terrifying” business concern heading into Halloween?

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