Painting for John & Yoko

Konanz & Co. completes instruction paintings for the “Yoko Ono: Growing Freedom" art exhibition.
Konanz & Co. completes instruction paintings for "Yoko Ono: Growing Freedom."

Jennifer Konanz of Konanz & Co. (Calgary, AB, Canada) recently contributed to a traveling art exhibition’s special stop at Contemporary Calgary, a public art gallery in Calgary. “Yoko Ono: Growing Freedom" features the “the instructions of Yoko Ono” and “the art of John and Yoko.”

The exhibition’s works had to be produced on-site, and Konanz was tasked with nine “instruction paintings.” “I could hardly believe the email in my inbox when the gallery contacted me!” she said. Konanz used a transfer pattern and lettered with enamel paint, as she does with her typical signpainting projects. However, the exhibition’s project required 70 hours of priming the canvases with gesso and sanding between the layers to ensure “the smoothest ground possible for the lettering enamel.”

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