April 2020 Letter to the Editor

Stuart Stein of ESCO Manufacturing writes in.

Stuart Stein of ESCO Manufacturing (Watertown, SD) sent the following message after reading Editor-in-Chief Robin Donovan’s “From the Editor” column from our February 2020 issue.

Nice intro letter in the February 2020 edition. I have Fierce Conversations added to my birthday wish list. A book that is likely similar to this one is Crucial Conversations. It’s a good one. Another book that I’ve really appreciated, and have appreciated the follow-up blogs that they post, is called Never Split the Difference. It’s about negotiation. Another good one is Atomic Habits.

I really enjoyed your article on “finding your why” several months ago. I’m into Spartan and endurance events, so I could relate to the kayaking situation you were describing.