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Ads Subsidize Car Owners

Some companies pay you to drive.



The August 27, 2007 issue of The New York Times featured vehicle ads for which companies pay motorists, or even give their brand ambassadors free cars. In exchange for driving a car that serves as a mobile ad, the drivers receive a monthly payment, but may be instructed to park outside whenever possible, not smoke, litter or swear in their vehicle, and attend a monthly influencer event where they hand out samples or coupons. They also send reports with photographs to show where their cards have been.

The article cited venture-capital firm ARD Ventures' study that motorists and pedestrians see a vehicle's advertising message as many as 70,000 times a day. Also, it pinpointed vehicle wraps' beginning in 1993, when PepsiCo. bought the rights to paint six city buses in Seattle with its logo. Instead of putting the buses in a paint shop for six weeks, the company was persuaded by Seattle-based SuperGraphics to have the buses wrapped using a 3M vinyl. The wrapping process took two days then, but now takes just a few hours.



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