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Here’s the latest new equipment offerings to help you make your next crane purchase.



Buying your most recent computer was probably easier than buying your last installation crane. To buy a computer, you probably leafed through a reputable computer magazine, read reviews and advertisements, referred to manufacturers' Websites and made a decision. Equipment purchases, however, require more forethought because more capital is invested. ST provided a detailed list of aerial installation truck and crane manufacturers to help you make an informed buying decision. You can count on both hands the companies that serve the sign industry, and most, but not all, display their equipment at the International Sign Association's Sign Expo and United States Sign Council's Sign World USA.

Here are the companies:

LaVerne, CA
(909) 392-2033 or (800) 824-9776

The Eagle 2-45 is a trailer-mounted aerial lift available in insulated and non-insulated models.

The Eagle TS-30 truck-mount, removable lift is designed for mounting on pick-up trucks. The lift is available in a telescoping model, with a 30-ft. working height and 19-ft. side reach. Designed to be mounted or removed in less than 15 minutes, the lift is stored on its own outrigger system when not mounted.

The lift features 360° non-continuous rotation and electric-over-hydraulic controls. Emergency descent valves and operator controls are placed at the bucket and base.


The lift is easily mounted by backing a minimum, 9,900-lb. gross vehicle weight (GVW) pick-up truck under the stored lift and lowering the lift down to the bed of the truck. Locking pins hold the Eagle TS-30 in place while it's mounted on the truck bed.

The Eagle TS-30 reportedly meets applicable OSHA and ANSI standards, and the manufacturer offers a full line of truck, trailer and track-mounted lifts in insulated and non-insulated models. An Eagle TS-30 costs $14,560; the Eagle 2-45 sells for $23,900. <!– Baker Equipment Engineering Co.
Richmond, VA
(804) 358-0481 or (800) 446-2610

The Baker/Aichi truck mount has a platform capacity of 400 lbs. and reaches 35 ft.

The new INH30A, a 30-ft. telescoping aerial device, provides 35 ft. of working height with a 22-ft. side reach. The 400-lb. platform capacity includes hydraulic leveling and buffered, simultaneous controls. The fuel-efficient, low-maintenance, cab-forward truck combines a superior, 35-ft. turning radius with outstanding driver visibility. The INH30A is ISO 9001-compliant and comes with a standard five-year warranty on the tower and chassis. The selling price is $47,500.

The 80-year-old company also offers other aerial platforms. Material handlers and derricks with many new features are being introduced to the sign industry.

Clients may test the equipment for 90 days before buying and can apply 100% towards the purchase price.



Elliott Equipment Co.
Omaha, NE
(402) 592-4500

Elliott's ECS-70R SkyWalk features a 75-ft. working height, 70-ft. working side reach and 9,000-lb. crane capacity.

The Elliott ECS-70R SkyWalk features an anti-two-block to prevent a load from accidentally entering the sleeve area. A platform foot switch prevents the operator from accidentally moving the work platform, which is stabilized with two leveling cylinders. The flanged turret is offset to provide stiffness and control. Elliott reports its cranes meet all OSHA guidelines.

Limit switches prevent the boom from traveling in a restricted area of the load chart. Holding valves on all cylinders and a full hydraulic-boom extension prevent sudden boom retraction from cable breakage. Accessory lines can be run to the platform.

Further, hydraulic outriggers increase penetration for stability and reduce set-up time, and a front hydraulic stabilizer improves stability when operating in front of the truck.


While Hi-Lo range controls give the operator more control in tight areas, work platforms measure 2 to 16 ft. long. All crane functions operate under load, and 360° continuous rotation is available. A planetary winch adds line speed for fast material positioning, plus an available jib winch in the platform is rated up to a 1,000-lb. capacity. An ECS-70R on a 37,000 GVW chassis sells for approximately $175,000.

Giuffre Bros. Cranes
(414) 764-9200

A new standard load moment indicator system (LMI) — located next to the control levers — gives the operator all the information needed.

The Dino 2500 sign crane features a 146-ft. tip height and 47,000-lb. lifting capacity, plus a two-speed winch. Situated on a monitor next to the control levers, the new LMI (load moment indicator) system apprises the operator about load weight, pick radius, load height and load capacity.

The crane is mounted on a 2002 Peterbilt 330 Chassis powered by a 315-HP Cummins diesel engine, along with a 21-ft. bed for hauling. Selling price is $124,900.

Phoenix Corp.
Ottawa, KS
(785) 242-1584 or (800) 527-3910

The Skyhoist RX 87 has a working height of up to 92 ft. and an 8,700-lb. lifting capacity.

Phoenix's Skyhoist provides many built-in features and a wide variety of equipment, and it can be customized to match an individual sign company's needs. The model was the first 35-130-ft., common material-handling crane built following WWI. Phoenix President Harold Sader says 70,000 have been delivered and approximately 80% are still in service. The Skyhoist RX 87 has a work-ready price of $125,365, while an SX 57 costs $99,000.

Rossford, OH
(419) 666-4400

National Illumination and Sign Corp. (Holland, OH) installs a total sign program with a Radocy Saturn II.

Radocy has been manufacturing and repairing cranes aerial ladders and manlifts since 1953. Models include the Saturn and Comet cranes; and the Saturn II and Comet II combinational crane, personnel carrier and aerial ladder.

President Tom Bradley says one of the model's most popular features is the on-board, welder-generator that produces 115V AC power to run the crane. Other manufacturers power their cranes from a truck's PTO (power takeoff).

A 72-ft. 65 Saturn II sells for between $105,000 and $121,000.

Terex RO
Olathe, KS
(913) 324-2131

The Terex PC-870 prototype was shown at the ISA Sign Expo last March.

Sign companies that rent cranes for larger sign jobs are usually familiar with Terex, which already possesses a large share of the boom-truck and crane market. ROs are available from 24,000-80,000 lbs. and 63-106 ft. Model RS60100 features a 60,000-lb. lifting capacity and 100-ft. crane with a riding seat.

Senior Product Engineer Mark Seibold says the company's goal is to reduce the mixture of integrated options installed at the factory.

"Build one unit that satisfies the needs of the sign industry," he says, "and you reduce the complexities of producing the equipment."

Terex will deliver its first P/C 870 units late first quarter 2002 at a $138,000 selling price. An 85-ft. unit will follow. Subsequent models will be in the 55- and 100-ft. range. Service support is enhanced by a corporate "Support Plus" fleet of technical service vans.

Van Ladder Aerial Equipment
Clarks Grove, MN
(507) 826-3709 or (888) 887-5847

Amtech Lighting Services uses a Van Ladder mounted on a cube van, getting 10-12 mpg. This, plus not having to leave the engine running while operating, equals fuel efficiency.

The company's aerial equipment features a truss-system mount for vans and custom mounts for pickups, flatbeds, utility boxes and toppers. The Van Ladder, which has no hydraulic pedestal through the vehicle's cargo area, offers more storage space. In addition to 360° continuous rotation, the equipment features a rolling fulcrum design that supports the Van Ladder at two points, not one, for greater structural integrity. An auxiliary ladder rack stores extension/step ladders and a rear-access ladder and platform.

Additional features include: bucket controls, emergency-override base controls, a front-bumper entry system, an electric linear actuator that automatically levels the bucket and a scissor lift that has a 300 lb. lifting capacity from a resting position. The model costs between $16,000 and $80,000.

Wilkie Mfg. LLC
Oklahoma City
(405) 235-0920

Wilkie Mfg. Inc.'s new 65XRB has a heavy-duty life capacity — 2,500 lbs. at full extension and 5,000 lbs. fully retracted.

Wilkie's latest model, the 65XRB crane, features a two-person, rotating, power-leveling basket, a 65-ft. work reach and 55-ft. hook reach. Proportional controls at the base, and remote joystick controls at the basket, offer precise control. Additional features for this hydraulic system include power leveling and rotating with a stop-start-throttle in the basket and an auxiliary jib/basket winch for easier installation.

The features add up to a relatively expensive unit ($115,000-$140,000) not every company can afford, says President Darrel F. Wilkerson Jr. Wilkie also sells two model cranes (59R and 72R) between $80,000 and $120,000 that offer remote controls with fewer features. Radocy



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