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Alien Skin’s Eye Candy Effects Collection

Create custom textures and special effects in (almost) no time.




The only limit on any good design department should be the creativity of its designers. Meanwhile, back in reality, budgets, time constraints and software limitations conspire to compromise your designs and, ultimately, reduce the effectiveness of the signs you help create.

Efficient time management helps you avoid these pitfalls. That’s where Alien Skin’s Eye Candy Effects Collection comes into play.

Combining five popular Photoshop® plug-in packages into one lower-priced bundle, this comprehensive package includes:

• Eye Candy 5: Impact, which creates effects such as chrome, brushed metal, glass, bevel, extrude and more.

• Eye Candy 5: Nature, which helps you to render fire, smoke, rust, ice and many other effects.


• Eye Candy 5: Textures, which produces brick, stone, wood and even fur in almost endless variations.

• Xenofex 2, which gives you Photoshop filters, including mosaic, clouds and flag, that help designers recreate otherwise complex effects.

• Snap Art, which quickly replicates various artistic media, including color pencil, oil paint, pencil sketch and watercolor.

The nearly unlimited variation achievable for almost every effect separates these plug-in filters from other products. Don’t worry though; each filter also includes multiple presets that produce instant results. Ultimately, these filters present more variations than most designers would ever use.

All of the filters support RGB, CMYK and grayscale modes, and can work with 8- and 16-bit files. So, no matter how you work, these filters will work with your files.

From a purely sign-design standpoint, the ability to mimic clouds, wood, chrome, fire, smoke and artistic-style variations offers endless potential. From comps to vehicle wraps and everything in between, if you create digital graphics, tools like these are a necessity. You can even add a sunny sky to any sign photo in your portfolio with the click of a button. I use these filters in practically every ST issue – can you tell where? If only everything in life was this easy.


Key Information: Alien Skin Software LLC
1111 Haynes St., Ste. 113
Raleigh, NC 27604
(888) 921-7546
(650) 857-5518

Company Profile: Founded in 1994, Alien Skin Software makes Photoshop® filters to aid designers and photographers by making otherwise complex tasks far simpler.

At a Glance: Alien Skin’s Eye Candy Effects Collection includes five software titles at one reduced price. These Photoshop filters enable you to create such textures and effects as chrome, brushed metal and clouds, among many others, with the touch of a button.

Price: $399




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