EFI Announces Two New High-Volume Soft Signage Printers

The EFI COLORS 340 and EFI POWER 340 are for high-volume production environments.

Electronics for Imaging Inc. (EFI; Fremont, CA) has announced two new printers for the high-end, high productivity soft signage market. The EFI COLORS 340 printer processes media at up to 9,149 sq. ft./hr. (in a four-color x 4 configuration). For higher-volume production environments, the EFI POWER 340 prints up to 16,835 sq. ft./hr.
Using EFI Reggiani’s 70+ technology, both new offerings have the ability to print with higher quality on a wider range of materials than other soft signage inkjet devices, with 100% penetration on both sides of the material, per EFI. The printers offer versatility and economical ink capabilities with their ability to print either direct-to-fabric or to transfer paper using the same inkset, eliminating the significant cost and downtime related to switching over inks.

The EFI COLORS 340 printer is designed for a range of applications, from table throws and pop-up promotional tents to SEG backlits, flags and retail fixtures. At 11 ft. wide with the ability to handle different fabrics, it uses EFI water-based CMYK dispersed dye inks and is available with up to 24 printheads.

The new EFI POWER 340 digital soft signage printer has most of the capabilities of the COLORS 340, but at a speed of up to 16,835 sq. ft./hour.
The POWER 340 is also capable of printing direct-to-fabric or onto transfer paper using EFI water-based CMYK dispersed dye inks. And, like the COLORS 340 model, it employs the sticky belt feeding mechanism. The POWER 340 features up to four colors, in either four-color x 4 or four-color x 8 configurations.

For more information, visit efi.com.

The EFI COLORS 340 soft signage printer from Electronics for Imaging (EFI).

The EFI COLORS 340 soft signage printer from Electronics for Imaging (EFI).

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