Releases GROMMETsizer Template

Template has holes and markings for the ID and sizing of metal grommets. Releases GROMMETsizer Template (Dighton, MA) has announced the availability of the GROMMETsizer Template. This new product has holes and markings for determining the identification and flange size of metal grommets from #XX00 to #5.5, a radius guide for easy placement from a corner and a full 12-in. ruler in 1/8-in. increments.

This new version includes a diagram and chart featuring flange diameter, hole size and neck length dimensions for each size of grommet. The GROMMETsizer Template is constructed from clear vinyl with easy-to-read print for sizing loose or attached grommets.

In addition to the hole size, users can determine the proper neck length for a grommet. The radius guide provides measurements for ¼-, 1/8-, and 3/8-in. from the corner.

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