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AXYZ Automation Group Releases PANELTracker Management System

Part of part of their newly designed PANELBuilder CNC Router.




AXYZ Automation Group (Burlington, ON, Canada) announced a new panel tracking system as part of their newly designed PANELBuilder CNC Router solution.

The PANELTracker Management System is a new interface that eliminates the need to manually affix labels on panels or mark them. As part of a new software bundle, the PANELTracker is a more cost friendly solution than third party inventory software, according to AXYZ. PANELTracker keeps track of all panels as they move from stage of production to another.


It’s designed for two type of users – a Project Manager and General/Operator – throughout four key stages of production, per AXYZ:  

  1. Project Creation: The Project Manager designs and cuts the panels, according to customer specifications. Once complete, the file is exported into the PANELTracker system.
  2. Cut: The Operator uses the file to cut panels on a PANELBuilder machine. Once this is done, the file is scanned and marked as “cut” in the system.
  3. Fabricate: Once the panels are cut, the Operator uses the file to add extrusions to the panels. The panels are scanned again and then marked as “fabricate” in the system. 
  4. Package/Ship: To prepare the panels for shipping, the Operator scans the panels, updates the file and marks it as “packed”. At pick-up, a slip is generated for the packing crate and the status is changed to “shipped”. 

At any point in the process, a damaged or defective panel can be scanned and identified. An email is then sent to the Project Manager with information and the data file needed so that the panel can be reproduced.

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