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Best Commercial Building Signs of 2016

Charging through history like a bull in an olive shop. Read on and you’ll understand



First Place

Creative Sign Resources
Ft. Wayne, IN
(260) 425-9618
Allen County-Ft. Wayne Historical Society

This breathtaking 1893 Richardson Romanesque structure, which now serves as The History Center, a Ft. Wayne museum, deserved a sign that would evoke the era of its construction, and Creative Sign Resources delivered. The sign’s intricate scrollwork was fashioned from aluminum and steel on a waterjet cutter, and the main panel and lettering were produced on a MultiCam 3000 CNC with Design Board® HDU and acrylic, respectively. Lord epoxy and ASI silicone bonded the various components together, and satin-finish basecoat, paint and topcoat provide its vibrant sheen and subtle, textured finish.


Second Place

Xpressive GraphiX
Zanesville, OH
(740) 452-6804
David Mattingly
Tony Rose
Jennifer Larimer
Kelly Morrison
Daniel Shell
The Angry Bull Saloon

A Zanesville bar’s owner decided on a new look and reached out to Xpressive. After a few revisions, Rose and Mattingly settled on a new logo developed with Adobe Illustrator and prepped for 3-D production on SA Intl.’s EnRoute Pro 5. To get the right effect, the shop carved the bull with an air grinder and hand tools. The double-sided sign’s main copy was routed on a MultiCam 1000 from PrecisionBoard HDU, and the support form was built from steel joined with a Tweco MIG welder.

Third Place

Boardwalk Designs
Lynn Haven, FL
(850) 265-0988
Joe Paffoon
Jeff Randall
Cory Steele


Foodies can debate the merits of olive-oil brands as vociferously as gearheads can debate Ford vs. Chevy. Whatever your brand, here’s your place on Florida’s Gulf Coast. After designing the sign with CorelDRAW X7, Gerber Omega and Artpath software, the shop constructed the main panel from Duna Corafoam HDU on a Gerber Sabre 408 CNC router, and built the branch from laminated, carved PVC bent with a propane torch; the olives were constructed from laminated, cut PVC that was turned on a lathe to create its shape, then dressed up with digital prints. The lettering comprises stacked HDU with an additional top layer that’s prismatic-cut.




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