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Best Electronic Message Centers of 2016

On the boardwalk…



First Place

Brix Design Inc.
Pensacola, FL
(850) 776-4241
Emagination Unlimited

What is a coastal city without a boardwalk? And what’s a boardwalk without a memorable sign? These aluminum and acrylic channel letters were formed on a MultiCam 3000 CNC router, and SloanLED’s tubular modules replicate neon’s vintage look. Hanley LED modules illuminate the channel letters and cabinet, and the Hyoco electronic message center promotes the boardwalk’s eateries and shops.

Second Place

Salt Lake City, UT
(801) 464-6470
Midtown 360

This upscale apartment complex in Orem, UT now enjoys an electronic display commensurate with its amenities. YESCO built the cabinet and logo from 0.09- and 0.125-in. aluminum, which is bolstered by 2-in., square-steel tubing with an expanded-metal screen as its outermost layer. The shop formed the pan-channel logo – LED halo lighting adds an air of sophistication – on a MultiCam 3000 router, and MIG-welded the metal layers. A YESCO 16mm, 160 x 256 RGB display touts the property and nearby amenities. A Wilkie 72-ft. bucket truck and Manitex 100 crane truck provided installation support.

Third Place

Gable Co.
(410) 255-6400
Detroit Regional Convention Facility Authority


The COBO Center, a longstanding Detroit concert and convention hall, received a much-needed reinvigoration with this two-display package – the front sign measures 160 x 30 ft. and the corner display, which measures 130 x 25 ft., is divided between two symmetrical sections. A consortium of architectural and design firms – TVS Design (Chicago), SDG Assoc. LLC (Detroit), Rossetti (Detroit) and Albert Kahn Assoc. (Detroit) collaborated on its development. The displays appear flat, but actually contains compound curves that move side-to-side and top-to-bottom. The front sign’s display contains a 47mm pixel pitch, and the side display, 37mm. Top-and-bottom steel angle provides the framing suspension, and a mounting-clip system secures the panels.




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