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Big Dates to Look Forward to in June

Don’t forget to bring your business cards on National Food Truck Day.




5 Celebrated annually on the first Saturday in June, NATIONAL TRAILS DAY is “a day of service and advocacy for hometown trails,” according to the American Hiking Society. It’s also possible some local trails may need new or updated signage.

14 FLAG DAY commemorates the adoption of the US flag in 1777, so make sure one at your company is proudly displayed. And if clients happen to notice, you could remind them your shop can produce custom flags for any occasion.

21 Thought for NATIONAL SELFIE DAY: Encourage your clients to take selfies in front of their businesses with their sign visible in the background. It’s a classic branding shot that they can run on their own social media, and then you can collect them all in a gallery to post on your social media and website.

25 It’s unofficial NATIONAL FOOD TRUCK DAY. Created in 2016, this day celebrates and supports these small businesses across the country. If there’s an event near you, bring your appetite — and plenty of business cards!

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