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Britten Introduces Illuminated Banners Using CeeLite LEC Technology




Britten Inc. (Traverse City, MI) is introducing an internally illuminated banner solution using Britten’s patented system, BannerBright. Having used the platform light-emitting capacitor (LEC) technology from CeeLite Inc. (Blue Bell, PA), Britten manufactures these backlit/illuminated banner systems for indoor and outdoor applications, such as streetpole banners; ceiling displays; stadium and arena ceilings; airport displays and concert backdrops.

CeeLite’s shielded, three-wire panels sandwich LECs and patented Sylvania phosphors between a series of electrodes and encase the entire LEC setup in screenprintable, polymer, thick-film compositions similar to shrink-wrapped laminates. The capacitor’s layer of phosphorescent gel coats the top of the dielectric substance. So, when the current, from AC voltage, passes from the front electrode to the rear electrode, the capacitor emits very white light (electroluminescent light is bluish). LECs illuminate surfaces evenly, but can also be programmed to dim, fade or flash on contact.

The LEC panels typically consume small quantities of electricity, compared to incandescent, neon and fluorescent lighting, and can run on batteries with a voltage as low as 2.4V and as high as 12/24V (vehicle applications), depending on the panel size and expected usage. The panels weigh as little as six ounces.

CeeLite says the chemicals used in the panels are environmentally friendly and degradable. The polymer-based laminates are the same as shrink-wrapped polymer-based laminate products.

A CeeLite panel left on 24/7 will endure roughly four years, while those on a timer can last up to 15 years.

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