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Cima Network Enhances Philadelphia Phillies’ Opening-Day Experience

Entry sign creates photo ops for fans



Many would argue that pro football has replaced baseball as the nation’s favorite sport. Some say Abner Doubleday’s game is too slow for modern sports fans,  and that today’s schedule-obsessed populace is less apt to have the patience for a game without a specified duration.

However, let’s consider baseball’s attributes. Compared to the NFL, NBA and NHL, Major League Baseball offers relatively affordable tickets (unless you’re intent on sitting right behind home plate), and the atmosphere is much more-friendly (the atmosphere at an NFL game contains far more aggression and coarse languge than I’d care for my daughter to see or hear). And, above all, baseball has maintained a prominent place in American culture for more than a century, so it provides fertile ground for a multi-generational connection.

The Philadelphia Phillies’ management wanted to enhance the gameday experience for the opening game of its home schedule, which took place April 11 against the San Diego Padres. To create a photo-op focal point, they hired Cima Network, a Montgomeryville, PA-based sign-fabrication firm, to create a temporary monument to be situated on the plaza just outside its main gate. The sign was constructed relatively simple — layers of HDU that’s painted and secured over a plywood based and joined in sections — but creates an impressive backdrop for family photos and selfies.

Today’s sports fan, require a broad experience than the game itself, and these entry icon creates added excitement for opening another season for "The Boys of Summer".




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