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Circle Fathers’ Day and Juneteenth on Your June Calendar

Apply National Take Back the Lunch Break Day at your company, too.





7 We start with National Chocolate Ice Cream Day on JUNE 7 — which, though it can be celebrated in the most obvious way, gives you many options: on a cone or in a bowl, one or two scoops, whipped cream, nuts, a cherry, whatever you like. Enjoy!

16 Let’s not forget Father’s Day on JUNE 16, the third Sunday in June. In addition to paying due homage to dear old Dad, some local retailers may be holding sales and need temporary signage. Yeah, thanks for the work, Dad…

19 Juneteenth, our newest national holiday, is celebrated on JUNE 19. The day commemorates the end of slavery in the US, recognizing an event that took place in Texas in 1865 when the Union Army freed the final 250,000 slaves there at the end of the Civil War.

24 On JUNE 24, celebrate National Take Back the Lunch Break Day at your company to promote worker happiness and productivity. The event counters a trend to take either no or shorter lunch breaks, which negatively impact employee morale. Everyone gets a full hour today!



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