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Sherwin Williams Complete Genesis Paint System




We have a complete Sherwin Williams Genesis Paint Mixing Station we installed in 2017. We used it for years but when we lost our contract with a company who exclusively required the SW system we decided to go back to Matthews Paint. We really like the SW system but with the merger of Midwest Sign Supply and GRIMCO we pickup up all the custom paint mixes for the region that Midwest had been doing form decades.

With both of these thing happening in 2021 we decided to try to get back some of our floor space and sell the SW system.

I have a complete list of over 50 Quarts and Gallons most are over 80% full. I have a complete list I can send you with the cost per gallon we paid. Just the paint alone is over $6,700. We are including the mixing station and paint gently crated and I will pay for the freight to your site unless you want to pick it up in Denver.
We are asking $3,500 for everything.

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