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Client Can’t Decide on the Size of the Sign? Say This




“When a sign is mis-sized it’s ALWAYS too small. It’s what we call the amazing shrinking sign.”

WHEN TO USE IT? When a client is debating over two sizes of signs — a smaller one, and a larger, more expensive one. You’re merely speaking a truth of the sign business learned through experience. Far more clients regret that they didn’t spend more and go bigger than the opposite.

SOURCE: Peter Poanessa, Keene Signworx, Swanzey, NH



Introducing the Sign Industry Podcast

The Sign Industry Podcast is a platform for every sign person out there — from the old-timers who bent neon and hand-lettered boats to those venturing into new technologies — we want to get their stories out for everyone to hear. Come join us and listen to stories, learn tricks or techniques, and get insights of what’s to come. We are the world’s second oldest profession. The folks who started the world’s oldest profession needed a sign.

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