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Creative Color’s Brent Luther Unwinds With His Family, Video Games and Summer Weekends At The Cabin

Work-life balance secrets from this Minneapolis-based owner/creative director.




Brent Luther, owner/creative director of Creative Color (Minneapolis), takes great pride in his family. “My home life is a lot of fun with my daughter (age 6), son (age 8) and two giant St. Bernards, jumping on me when I get home,” he says. He also is a bit of a gamer. “It has been a blast showing my kids my passions, like beating Ganon in every Zelda game and shooting red turtle shells in a game of Mario Kart!” Brent is also an Audi/Porsche enthusiast, a passion he enjoys sharing with this twin brother. “In my limited ‘me time,’ I really enjoy illustrating, painting, or cruisin’ with my beautiful wife or kiddos in one of my German stallions,” he says, noting that he is a “creative and a goofball at heart.” For further relaxation, Brent slips away to the water. “Summer weekends at the cabin on the boat listening to some Incubus or Tycho, sipping on some whiskey,” he says. “Doesn’t get much better than that.”

Owner/Creative Director, Creative Color (Minneapolis)



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