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Cubs Persuade Chicago Officials To OK Wrigley Display, Signage

Revenue part of $500 Million Wrigely Renovation Agreement



The Chicago Cubs and city officials have reached a deal for a $500 million renovation of aging Wrigley field, according to (Tom Ricketts, the principal owner of the Cubs, also owns A key part of the deal is the agreement to ad a video display in the left-field bleachers and an ad space that resembles the Toyota sign currently in Wrigley’s right-field stands.

The size of the display and sign haven’t been determined, but the team has requested a 6,000-sq.-ft. video board and a 1,000-sq.-ft. sign. To accommodate the renovation, the team is moving back the park’s exterior walls 8 ft., which will eliminate sidewalk on Sheffield Ave. and a parking lane on Waveland Dr.

The agreement also calls for the Cubs to play 40 night games per season.


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