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Mutoh Ultima Cutting Plotter

Mutoh America Inc.



Mutoh America Inc. (Tempe, AZ) is introducing the Ultima series of multi-purpose cutting plotters. The series includes two models, the Ultima 850 and the Ultima 1400. The plotter features a built-in, laser-based optical sensor, which automatically detects registration marks on inkjet-printed, adhesive-backed vinyl for contour cutting. The machine offers adjustable grid rollers to allow for different media widths.

Maximum media width is 33 in. and cut width is 24 in. for the Ultima 850. For the Ultima 1400, maximum media width is 55 in. and cut width is 47 in. Each Ultima is equipped with a solid-drag knife blade and can cut various media up to 1mm thick. Cutting force is adjustable from 20 to 450g. Cutting speed is adjustable to 39 in. per second.

Phone: (800) 996-8864; America Inc



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