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Donald Trump, Chicago Mayor Spar Over Trump Tower Sign

The Donald calls 20-ft.-tall letters magnificent, Rahm Emanuel deems them tasteless



Billionaire Donald Trump and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel are exchanging sharp words over the 20-ft.-tall letters being installed on the exterior of the Trump Tower. The sign simply will simply say "Trump" — at press time, the "P" was awaiting installation — but the notoriously combative Emanuel has already called the sign "in poor taste, and [it] scars an otherwise architecturally accomplished building", mayoral spokesman Bill McCaffrey was quoted as saying in a Chicago Tribune article.

No shrinking violet himself, Trump said Chicagoans would grow to love the sign the same Los Angeles has grown to love the Hollywood sign, according to a report.

Chicago zoning officials and 42nd Ward Alderman Brendan Reilly approved the sign, so it’s uncertain what measures Emanuel can take, if any, to remove the sign.

At ST, we certainly believe signs are good, and, when identifying skyscrapers, two-story signs seem appropriately in context. Good luck to The Donald in protecting his commercial speech!

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