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Metal Fabrication

Double Dose

Installations demonstrate the professional touch



Guitars and crane trucks — now there’s a combination straight out of my biography. Shortly before I departed for Pittsburgh to cover the installation of some national-program signs, I received word that a large-format electric guitar was en route to Cleveland for erection at the new Hard Rock Cafe. So, this month we present a duo of sign projects that emphasizes the crucial importance of professional design and installation to achieve effective corporate identity.

Born to rock-and-roll

Most sign companies are accustomed to handling unusual customer requests. Relatively few, however, possess the capability to design, fabricate and install truly spectacular signs that embody the industry’s cutting edge. Empire-Forster Inc. (Rochester, NY) got the opportunity to "strut its stuff" when Cleveland’s new Hard Rock Cafe requested a main identification sign in the form of a 45-foot-long, rotating replica of a Fender Stratocaster




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