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EFI Launches New Print-for-Cut Software

Fiery Prep-it software aims to save media and reduce time needed to manually nest jobs.




EFI (Fremont, CA) has introduced its Fiery Prep-it software, which saves media and reduces prep time for cut jobs printed on wide-format inkjets, the company says.

The software takes jobs intended for cutting from different sources and prepares them for print-then-cut production. This can be done manually or semiautomatically with the use of pre-sets and hot folders. Users can apply a “hands-off” production mode for jobs that arrive from prepress workflow, web-to-print or MIS solutions.

EFI says its new software can reduce the time needed to manually nest jobs by up to 90 percent and save more than 10 percent in media usage compared with similar products. It connects to any digital front end (DFE) and fully integrates with EFI Fiery proServer and Fiery XF DFEs.

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