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Employee Learns He’s Fired When the Sign Guy Arrives

It’s one of our most memorable True Tales yet.




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I was called into a 30-plus year client to remove a name from an office placard outside the engineer’s door. As I was removing the lettering with a “Computer Generated Thermal Graphic Remover” (blow dryer), the guy came out from his office and said, “Why are you taking my name off my door?” I replied, “They called and I was just down the street.” He stormed off to the front office. I snuck off to lunch. I came back in an hour. He was packing a box with his desk photos, bowling trophies and paperclips. I finished the job and reported to the person who called. I asked her why she put me in such a position. She replied, “We didn’t think you would show up that quick.” — Jerry Clark, Sign Design of Westline, Westline, Pa

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