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The 2012 ISA International Sign Expo should prove fruitful for all.



If you’re reading this and will be attending the International Sign Assn. (ISA) Sign Expo, you’ve probably either just arrived in Orlando, are en route or will depart for O-Town very shortly. So, because it starts tomorrow, it’s a bit late to persuade you to attend one of the industry’s signature events.

That said, it’s a great time for vendors, fabricators, designers, end users and all connected to the sign trade to gather. Rarely have idyllic economic conditions made business growth easy. But, aside from soaring gas prices and international uncertainty, the business climate seems to be improving. The stock markets are (at the time of this writing, and very subject to change) flying around four-year highs, more financial institutions are (perhaps begrudgingly) providing more loans and unemployment is gradually inching downward.

More specific to the show, although it’s unlikely that post-show events and receptions will ever again reach pre-2007 levels, optimism seems high in the industry, and the Sign Expo should reflect this. Publisher/Editor Wade Swormstedt, Senior Technology Editor Darek Johnson and I will be on hand, and we’re eager to see what’s new, cool, “green” and/or transforming our industry.

If you plan to be on hand, please stop by Booth 2102 on the Sign Expo floor and say hello. Tell us about what’s exciting with shop, firm or company. Because, as much legislators and political influence peddlers of all stripes like to think they’re growing our economy, it’s the business community (especially small business, a category under which most shops fall) are the driving force of growth. It’s your vision and gumption that will pull us out of struggling economic times. So, we’d love to hear from you.



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