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Often lacking allies, the sign industry soldiers on



As 2012 comes to a close, few things are known. As of this writing, the fiscal cliff remained unscaled, although Obamacare had become a future reality. Closer to home, the Intl. Sign Assn. reorganization had been approved, but what it will eventually mean remains unclear. Even one of the presumed “known” factors – that all dues would go to the local associations rather than ISA – remains a bit murky because, at this juncture, the “affiliate” agreements haven’t yet been sent to the local/regional sign associations. The decline and official discontinuation of some tradeshows have left the future of many tradeshows unresolved. Sign-company tunnel vision has been a double-edged sword. Many companies work in isolation, which hurts the overall industry when group participation can uplift everyone. However, by ignoring “bad news” and keeping one’s nose to the grindstone, others have survived and even thrived.
ST’s recent survey of political-sign activity indicated that sales are improving. Similarly, the data from this fall’s National Signage Research & Education Conference, presented by the Signage Foundation Inc.,  provides solid documentation about the value of signs that needed to be liberally read and shared.
But the best news isn’t new at all. It’s the resilience of the sign industry. Never the recipient of any kind of entitlement (in fact, more often having to defend itself from governmental obstacles), it’s never depended on a crutch. The sign industry has persevered, stubbornly, against the odds. It has believed in the power and societal benefit of its product. It has been battered for five years by the economic downturn, yet it continues to provide the best ROI of any type of advertisement. We’re privileged to have the opportunity to chronicle the best of what this industry has to offer, and we pledge to keep sharing it with you.



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