Mimaki JFX200 2513 EX

JFX200 2513 EX Review

We have had our Mimaki JFX200 2513 EX for 3 months, sorry to say this is not a production machine. The faster print modes degraded within 1 month, to get an acceptable image we must run 600 x 900 9 pass (slow). Three 4x8’s per hour is the only way we can avoid destroying material with poor quality prints, even with no photos. Many tech visits have us convinced this is normal for this machine. Things I missed when choosing this flatbed printer: 1) Print speeds at the show are brand new heads and degrades fast. 2) The manual movement of the head is exceptionally slow. Manually measuring material thickness is critical (+/- 1.5 mil) and slow, so critical that most material must be manually measured each time by moving the head to 1-3 locations on the substrate before printing, even the same material. 3) The automatic cleaning is often, time consuming and slows production significantly. I did not see this at the show. 4) The manually inserted material alignment screws must be screwed in and unscrewed every time material is placed on the bed if the substrate is thinner than the alignment screws i.e. aluminum, vinyl, thin Lexan, etc. Automatic alignment pins and automatic material thickness measurements on other machines were far more important than I estimated. This machine has good quality at slow speeds and may be the right machine for 1-3 person shops (100k to 300k) or small shops that print the same exact material every time, but it is not a production machine. I have purchased many printers over the last 32 years, I hope this helps others make the right choice.        

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