Programming Your Mind For Manifesting

Thought controls all power and awareness of that truth expands our horizons and gives us more choices and freedom.It was our truth at one time that moving into the industrial revolution would make our lives easier and free us up to have more time to spend on leisure and with our families. Our new truth is that we now must have two working partners in a household so that we can support the 15 Minute Manifestation machines that are at home taking it easy, spending the day gossiping with each other in our living rooms and kitchens.My new theory or truth is that we are taking this whole life thing away too seriously. We have forgotten what is really important to us. The technology isn't working except to keep us alive long enough to pay for it.

The trip is not a race, happiness is not found in having the most machines.Life is a social experience, an interaction between the souls that make up the planet, that is how it was intended and we do not need to live for the machines. It is observable that the happiness that we seek is artificially produced through the drugs that we take to keep us going and awake for a few hours a day. Leisure if forced onto us and more drugs are used to slow us down for a few days that we might take time off for recreation.Enlightenment moves us away from this vicious cycle and motivates us to begin to enjoy the trip. It is a trip that can last forever if we choose it to be so. Awareness can bring joy and happiness even in this world of chaos and absurdity.