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FUJIFILM Dimatix Launches New Samba Cartridge

The cartridge is intended for use with the Dimatix Materials Printer.




FUJIFILM Dimatix Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) announced the release of the Samba cartridge for use with the Dimatix Materials Printer. The cartridge provides a native drop volume of 2.4 pL, use of a small-capacity 1.5 mL cartridge, and offers the same internal jet design, jetting characteristics, and native drop volume as the Samba G3L printhead. The new Samba cartridge allows an easy transition from R&D applications to commercial production with the Samba G3L printhead.

“We believe that the ability to analyze in-flight drop formation and jetting characteristics, joined with direct development on an industrial inkjet printhead jet design at a small scale, will facilitate R&D to transition to a production environment, and FUJIFILM Dimatix will help customers achieve this by starting with the Samba family of products,” said Martin Schoeppler, president and CEO.

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