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GE Current Introduces Tetra Titan 10-Year Power Supply for LED Signage

Company now offering a matching warranty for LED modules.




GE Current, a Daintree company (Cleveland, OH), has introduced a 10-year power supply for LED signage called the Tetra Titan and has also extended the warranty coverage period for its LED modules.

The company said Titan is the signage industry’s first 10-year power supply. To back up the lifespan claim, GE Current is now offering a matching 10-year warranty for all 24V Tetra channel letter LED modules, as well as for signage products like the Tetra Stick, Tetra Snap SS and DS, and the Tetra Edgestrip.

“The power supply was always the weakest link in an LED system, always carrying a shorter warranty period. The Titan closes that gap,” said Michel Doss, vice president of specialty products at GE Current.

Along with the Tetra Titan, the company has upgraded its GLX2 series to include improved 100W and 300W models, as well as a new 200W power supply.

The Tetra Titan and new GLX2 power supplies are now available in North America through GE Current’s network of signage distribution partners. For more information, visit





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