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Get Your Ducks in a Row for the ISA Sign Expo

Finalizing preparations for the show leads our manager’s-to-do list for March.




Feb. 28-Mar. 6

Trade Shows The ISA Sign Expo is scheduled for May 4-6 in Atlanta, about two months from now. Finalize the travel and lodging arrangements for your staff who will attend.

Supply Costs Check in with vendors to see if your supply pricing and delivery fees have increased (again). If you’re not able to offset or absorb any increases, look at raising your own prices (again).

Mar. 7-13

Local Marketing If you have not already, touch base with local schools for graduation signage. Also promote individual graduate yard signs to proud parents through the schools or local channels.

Shop Layout One way to increase efficiency might be to rearrange your workspace layout, eliminating the weaknesses presented by your current setup. Or, perhaps you need to make room for new or more equipment.

Mar. 14-20

Seasonal Work Get your clients’ spring sports sponsorship signs built and ready before April so they’re waiting to be installed right before the fields are to be used for practices and games.

Insurance Review your insurance policies and coverage. It’s vitally important to make sure your agent understands every aspect of your business, from fabrication to transportation to installation.

Mar. 21-27

Online Marketing Update your website with recent project galleries; add more posts to your company blog; try a social media channel you don’t use yet, such as TikTok; consider advertising on Google.

Recruiting School will be out in a couple of months. Connect with a local high school, trade school or college and let the appropriate departments (art, shop, etc.) know you will be hiring summer help or interns.

Mar. 28-Apr. 3

Automating Tasks Apply what you read in last month’s feature, “The Art of Omission,” about adding to your business through subtraction (see ST, February 2022, page 18). One way is to automate many office and order-related tasks.


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