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Harley-Davidson Should Give This Signmaker an Endorsement Deal

The motorcycle-riding, sky-diving Rick Ream lives a little closer to the edge than the rest of us.




Rick Ream
Media 1 / Wrap This | Sanford, FL

I’ve always felt a good work-life balance is essential to avoid career burnout. This industry is stressful! But, riding my Harley to work every day clears my mind and gets me ready for what’s ahead. Seeing this planet is also a huge priority to me, so my wife Debbie and I plan a 7-10 day trip out of the country every year, to give us time away from the shop (and home) to relax and recharge. Plus, with today’s technology we can stay connected with the business while roaming the world. Nothing cooler than sending emails from a rooftop pool deck in Mykonos, or while riding a train from Glasgow to Edinburgh! Oh, and when I get really stressed, I jump out of perfectly good airplanes… We all get wrapped up in our work, but we need to step away sometimes and remember there are other things in life that are equally important!

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