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Is December a Slow Month? Get a Head-Start on 2022

Sign pros should re-evaluate their materials and production process, among other things on this month’s manager’s-to-do list.




Nov. 28-Dec. 4

CUSTOMERS Make a list of your best clients and get (or make) gifts for them. It’s a great way to let your best customers know you appreciate them and it helps keep them loyal to you.

Dec. 5-11

EMPLOYEES Conduct employee reviews for performance or year-end bonuses.

MAINTENANCE For some shops, December is the month when sales slow the most (see page 42). During the downtime do some cleanup and maintenance.

Dec. 12-18

INVENTORY Review alternatives on materials, processes, etc., due to supply-chain issues. Figure a way to pivot from “just in time” manufacturing (if that’s your system). Determine, based on the current situation, if bringing additional inventory into stock will work better for the near term.

NETWORKING This time of year is great for networking. Encourage your sales team to attend any client or prospective-client holiday parties that they are invited to. People are already in the mood to socialize so why not do a little business?

Dec. 19-25

PRICING Update product-cost sheets and price lists. The vast majority of sign companies responding to our latest Brain Squad survey are raising prices early in 2022 (see page 42).


STRATEGY Review your latest sales and finish planning your strategy for next year. Prepare to implement any changes your plan calls for in the coming first quarter.

Dec.. 26-Jan.1

EMAIL Go through your emails and unsubscribe to the ones you no longer read. Resolve to get your inbox to zero by the New Year!

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