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It’s Subliminal Communications Month, Plus More Occasions to Remember for September

Also, Miniature Golf Day provides an excuse to close up shop a little early.




1 To mark SUBLIMINAL COMMUNICATIONS MONTH, note the eye color of every customer who walks through your door. Those few extra seconds it takes you to lock your gaze on their eyes will connect you better with customers, and you may well find people becoming more responsive to you.

13 Time to celebrate POSITIVE THINKING DAY. Your attitude determines your altitude. Regardless of what happens to and around you, only you control your mood each day, so today, let’s think positive thoughts!

21 On worldwide MINIATURE GOLF DAY, offer to close up shop a little early to take everyone in the company out for a round. Have everyone meet at the 19th hole — the bar or refreshment stand — to compare scores, great shots and any holes-in-one.

22 For DEAR DIARY DAY, consider starting your own daily journaling habit. The practice of collecting and reflecting upon your thoughts and experiences could be life-changing.

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