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Kentucky Businesses Request Looser Standards for Temporary Signs

Bardstown sign committee had been inactive since late 2014



The Nelson County (KY) Gazette reports that a Bardstown, KY business group sent a letter to the Bardstown City Council requesting an extension of the allowable periods for posting of temporary signs. The Bardstown ordinance currently limits the number of temporary sign permits issued for any single business within the jurisdiction to four 7-day periods per year. The local business group proposes that the city increase the allowable number of temporary permits to six per year. City council members, however, have expressed concerns that the local group’s message does not identify individual businesses or owners that are parties to the request. The letter was referred to a sign committee originally created by the city council in August 2014, but which has been inactive since October 2014. This 19-member committee had initially been charged with the task of revising Bardstown’s existing sign ordinance but, when the committee’s meetings were suspended, its chairman cited a lack of necessary participation by members of the Joint City-County Planning Commission.



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