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Mactac Offering Shorter Material Rolls for Wide-Format Graphic Applications

Company now offering 50- and 75-ft. rolls, and more.




Mactac Distributor Products (Stow, OH) is now offering PSPs and industry distributors the option to purchase wide-format graphic materials in shorter roll sizes. Per the company, traditional roll sizes are typically offered in 150-ft. lengths. Mactac is now offering material rolls in 50- and 75-ft. lengths, and more.

The shorter rolls are available with a range of Mactac’s graphic solutions. Products and associated short roll lengths are as follows:

IMAGin Print Media
82-ft. rolls
*M-Dot Floor Matte White PVC Film with Anti-Slip and Dot-Pattern Adhesive (MD128FW54L82)

75-ft. rolls
*RoughRAP Highly Conformable Print Media with High-Tack Permanent Opaque Adhesive (RR100W54L75)
*Bfree GRUV Gloss White Vinyl Print Media with Permanent Slide-able Bubble-free Adhesive (GVC929v2BFDW54L75)
*Bfree Dry Application Bubble-free Window Film in Clear (JJ5999MBFv2), Frosted (JJ5796MBFv2), and Dusted (JJ5798MBFv2)

50-ft. rolls
*StreetRAP Matte White High-tack Print Media with Permanent Adhesive (STR328L50)
*StreetTRAX Non-skid, Grit-coated Film with Permanent Adhesive (STX1528v2PW54L50)

25-ft. rolls
*IMAGin WindowVIEW 70/30 Perforation Window Film (WV139W54L25)


REBEL Multi-Print Media
75-ft. rolls
*REBEL H Opaque Matte White Film with High-tack Adhesive (RB528HW54L75)
*REBEL R Opaque Matte White Film with Clear Removable Adhesive (RB528RW54L75)

50-ft. rolls
*REBEL X-Treme 99-percent Opaque Matte White Print Media with Extremely Permanent Adhesive (RB528XW54L50)

PERMACOLOR Overlaminates
75-ft. rolls
*ColorGard LUV High-performance General-purpose Gloss (LUV8054W54L75), Matte (LUV8254W54L75) and Luster (LUV8354W54L75) Laminates
*RAYZor Optically Clear Gloss (LF3640) and Clear Matte (LF3630G) Laminates

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Mactac IMAGin RoughRAP

Make your next rough wall application easy & cost-effective with IMAGin RoughRAP and PERMACOLOR RAYZor LF3638G duo.

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