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Banners + Awnings Adds New Attaching Machine

Designed for applying self-piercing grommets and x-large curtain eyelets.



on (Dighton, MA) has announced the ClipsShop CS-TIDY-51 Pneumatic Grommet Machine.

This compact portable press that produces 1,895 lbs. of force at 87 psi for setting large self-piercing grommets and X-large curtain eyelets including #12 (40 mm I.D. eyelets). The machine is fully portable for attaching metal grommets to oversize fabrications, weighs 20 lbs., has a built-in carrying handle, and accommodates two-step die sets and ClipsShop self-cleaning dies.
The machine features an adjustable upper-die adapter to change the setting height of the grommets for different thickness materials, is powered by shop air, and is foot-pedal operated — allowing for two-hand operation.

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