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Most Signshops Allow Staff to Take Mental Health Days

Do you or Don't you: Even some owners/managers themselves take an occasional day off just to reset.





Do you allow yourself and/or your staff to take mental health days?

Yes: 69%

  • Fostering an environment where the importance of mental health is highlighted gives employees the space to recognize when they hit a wall or are having internal struggles and know we support their taking a day to try to reset and “Woo-Sah…” — Jonathan Elam, Creative Sign Solutions, Statesville, NC
  • It is not encouraged, but if someone is struggling and either they ask or we see it, we always give whatever time is necessary. — Harold Pedley, Sign Engineering, San Juan, PR
  • If an employee is needing some time to re-gather, we understand. As an owner it’s hard to do for yourself, but we would rather accommodate a good employee than lose them as long as they don’t take advantage of this option. — Joe Dale, Denron Sign Co., Downingtown, PA

  • I have the freedom to take care of kid business, or go off and do what I want to during the work day, and just tell customers I’m on a big job. — Louise DiGiacomo, Signs of Art Graphic Design, Philadelphia
  • Staff is always given the time they need to be healthy. [We] also have an employee assistance program to help as needed with mental health issues. — Matt Brasel, Indigo Signworks, Brasel, ND
  • I am very productive most days, but sometimes a day or afternoon off is like a pressure-relief valve. It helps feed productivity. — Peter Poanessa, Keene Signworx, Swanzey, NH
  • Allow, but I never seem to take one for myself. — Gary Gower, Jr., G&L’s Sign Factory, Bethlehem, PA

No: 31%

  • I’m not opposed to it, but it has not been an issue for us. — Keith Myers, Sign-On Enterprises, Burkburnett, TX
  • Issue has never been raised by our staff. — Todd Sallas, Coastal Signs & Graphics, Slocomb, AL
  • Not specifically. All our time off is lumped into paid time off (PTO) regardless of the reason. — Rochelle Letourneau, Security Signs, Portland, OR


In general, are you more or less anxious now than when you entered the industry?

Significantly more
A bit more
About the same
A bit less
Significantly less

We’ll have more on anxiety in the sign world in our lead article for the June issue.



What is your main source of anxiety?

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