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Mutoh’s On-Printer Calibration



Mutoh America (Phoenix) has launched its SPECTROVUE VM-10, a compact, integrated, spectrophotometer that connects to the printhead of its ValueJet 1608HS hybrid printer, to help automate color-calibration processes. Combined with compatible RIP software, the VM-10 optomizes color reproduction by utilizing the printer’s full-color gamut to achieve color consistency for multi-run print jobs and those printed on different substrates.
The VM-10’s patent-pending design incorporates Mutoh’s DP1, spectral-imaging chip and a high-resolution digital prism that converts visible light to a digital spectrum. It reports both spectral and colorimetric values for any one of 18 pre-programmed, standard illuminants, or any standard daylight illuminant.
Developed by Mutoh s Advanced Engineering Group, the Spectrovue VM-10 works well on either glossy and matte surfaces of both rigid and flexible materials.
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