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New Product Uses Technology to Deter Birds

Flock Off guarantees the rerouting of migratory birds.




Media Resources (Oakville, ON, Canada) recently announced that the company is the exclusive distributor of a new product: Flock Off — developed by a company of the same name — a bird mitigation system that effects 100% rerouting of any migratory flock away from any structure where it is installed, according to a statement from Media Resources.

“Unlike spikes, nets, poisons, electrified wire, plastic owls, lasers and noisemakers, Flock Off
actually works long term. It is harmless to the birds, harmless to humans and harmless to other animals,” the statement continues. “The unit is easy to install, adaptable to any structure formation, aesthetically pleasing, silent and low-profile. The system has been installed in the
most challenging of environments, including extreme cold and heat.”


Flock Off works against pigeons, osprey, seagulls, vultures, crows, hawks, cockatoos, woodpeckers and many others. The system’s technology emits a harmless frequency that disrupts the birds’ ability to read flight patterns within several feet of the structure that makes landing nearly impossible. As a result, birds permanently seek alternative paths and ultimately alternative landing and roosting spots — all per the statement from Media Resources.

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