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No Chance in Hell This Client Passed Geometry in High School

I merely flipped the sign around, and the customer thought I’d performed a magic trick.




For my next trick

I recently did a double-face sign with an arrow on each side to direct customers in the proper direction. When I delivered the sign, the young lady who had ordered it came out to my truck to inspect it. She said, “The arrow is pointing in the wrong direction,” and wanted to know which way the arrow was pointing on the other side. I told her that both arrows were pointing in the same direction. On the side of the sign she was looking at, the arrow was facing left. She argued that it needed to face right. I removed the sign from the truck and held it upright so she could get a better look at it, and again she complained that the arrow was facing in the wrong direction. I then flipped the sign around so the arrow would be facing right — the proper direction. She thought I had performed some kind of magic trick and wanted to know how I did that.

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