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No Side Gigs for These Busy Sign Pros!

These shops are busy enough doing what they do best, thank you very much.




THIS IS PART THREE of an article on sign pros and side gigs, with the majority of respondents to our recent Brain Squad survey saying they’re hustling enough already! Click here for Part One and click here for Part Two.

  • We are one year into sign business ownership. We are still busy developing business opportunities with current customers while marketing to new customers. I believe there are plenty of untapped opportunities in our market. We just need to find ways to bring in these customers. — Jeffrey F., Pflugerville, TX
  • No, [we’re a university] campus signshop. — Grace F., San Diego
  • We’ve always focused on core competencies and value/benefit for our clients. Expenses are covered by price adjustment. A loyal client base was our primary shop expansion strategy since the ’90s. — Larry M., El Dorado Hills, CA
  • No. We are very busy with our normal work. — John J., Fresno, CA
  • Not this year, our current plan is to hit the gas pedal on what’s working well, and simplify/streamline as much as possible. — Dominic T., Cleveland, OH
  • No time for side hustles. — Geoff O., Campbell River, BC, Canada

  • We are focused on wholesale-only fabrication of ADA signage, which is all that our customers are asking for. — Vince C.,Greensboro, NC
  • No, slammed as it is! — Rob S., New Smyrna Beach, FL
  • We are still working steadily and have not had to take on jobs that we didn’t already have on our schedule. We have consistently run about 6-8 weeks out of all sizable jobs for the last few years. Of course, we still have our weekly work that comes in and out of the door the same week. — Nonnie L., Norwood, NC
  • No. — Brad T., Versailles, KY
  • Not yet. — Jeff B., Fort Myers, FL
  • No, we don’t have the people to support more or new work. No qualified applicants. — Robert B., Oakdale, CT

  • We have not. Business has been steady and we are a 31-year, small family-owned company and are well respected in our community. — Jeffery B., Burlington, NC
  • When setting out on my own seven years ago, I projected five different potential avenues of revenue stream. That said, I have essentially stayed within two of those avenues the entire time and not needed to look beyond. — Keith D., Chester Springs, PA
  • No. I believe in doing one industry and doing it better than anybody else. — Harold P., San Juan, PR
  • No. I simply don’t have time for that. — Jake Z., Randolph, VT
  • Can’t keep up with the sign work coming in, let alone a side gig! — Peter P., Swanzey, NH

  • No, not yet. — Corey S., Phoenix
  • I have not — work has been steady and time-consuming enough. — James N., Charlotte, NC
  • We have not created any new revenue streams as expenses rise. We’re fortunate to have stayed busy through the pandemic and our clients have understood/agreed to pricing increases to offset rising costs. — Scott M., Phoenix

  • No. No time. — Bobby L., Scranton, PA
  • No side jobs or non-traditional signage. We are pursuing other traditional revenue streams that we haven’t concentrated on in the past. So we are broadening our offerings within the traditional signage streams. — Carl H., Cincinnati
  • Nothing new. Sticking to what we know best. — Ben P., Seaford, DE
  • No, we’ve got too much to focus on already without adding an additional stream. By focusing on our efficiencies, we’re able to increase margins to mitigate. — John K., Fort Myers, FL
  • Not yet needed to. I have an Etsy store ready to launch if needed. — Raychel O., Burlington, MA
  • Just charging more, too old to do more. — Corky D., Fairlawn, OH
  • As of right now, no, there is no side-hustle. The reason being that there just isn’t enough time in the day to manage the business that we currently have, complete a second job, and continue to raise a family. — Laura A., Milford, OH
  • Not yet. But I am looking into it. — Jeffrey C., Seminole, FL

Side gigs create extra revenue to make our lives a little easier. They can be difficult to find but sometimes they can be a big help. One sign pro explained it well: “Yeah, I’m struggling a bit. Not a lot of work, but I have moved to a new location a year ago. I’m constantly thinking about what I can do differently.”

At the end of the day, finding work can be hard, but constantly keeping your head up and looking for new things can only help your business!

See also part one of this article12 Sign Pros Disclose Their Side Hustles — and part two — These Sign Pros Are Adding New Services to Their Shops.


Kelsie Petersen is an editorial intern with Signs of the Times. She is currently in the process of finishing her degree at the University of Cincinnati.



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