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Manager's To Do

Now Is the Best Time to Plug Your Vehicle Wrapping Services

This marketing pointer leads the manager’s-to-do list for April.




MAR. 28-APR. 3

Seasonal Promotions Spring is the best time to promote vehicle graphics. A lot of companies have had damages to their company vehicles during the winter and want to get graphics replaced in the spring.

Recycling Gather up all your metal to take to the recycling center. You get paid for scrap aluminum and recycling also helps to combat clutter.

APR. 4-10

Event Graphics Trade shows are slowly making a comeback. Get your company’s event display updated and contact customers to rebrand/refresh theirs.

Advertising Fine tune your Google ads for specific regions. A rural sign company owner says, “I advertise to larger regions about 30 minutes away, so I am figuring out what Google ad strategies get me the most attention.”

APR. 11-17

Planning Don’t forget, if you haven’t already, to perform an analysis of last year’s sales and services, then focus on initiatives for this year.

Marketing Start calling up new businesses in the area that may want to advertise at local sporting events during the spring season, one sign company advises. “If you don’t, they will reach out in mid-April, after the seasons have already started, and want you to drop everything to make and install a low-profit-margin sign during the busiest time of the year.”


APR. 18-24

Hardware Check Now can be a good time to send computers in for service and to check outlets, surge protectors, etc.

Employees Perks “keep it fun.” Make a conscious effort to lighten the mood with occasional activities and afternoon breaks. One shop spends some breaks making milkshakes for the whole staff. Their lunch room has a 50’s diner theme and includes a shake mixer.

APR. 25-MAY 1

Employee training Rewrite employee manuals, job descriptions and review your benefits package. A Brain Squad member writes, “Since the pandemic, I have realized the value of having some overlooked details looked at thoroughly and documented clearly with new language.”



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